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Monferrato World Heritage Site thanks to UNESCO and to Aleramo

 Presumably born around 910, Aleramo was appointed by the Marquis Berengar II, whose daughter Gerberga was his second wife. According to a legend of the fourteenth century the Marquis Aleramo was born in Acqui Terme (more precisely, in the Abbey of Santa Giustina in Sezzadio) during a pilgrimage. Orphaned, Aleramo was hired in the imperial army and went to the court of Emperor Otto I. There, he met Alasia, daughter of the Emperor, and the two fell in love. Unable to report the matter to His Majesty, fearing a refusal to the marriage, the lovers fled to the homelands of Aleramo. Here, however, he could not live without fighting again, and re-entered the army in secret.

When the Emperor Otto became aware of it, he wanted to meet the young brave and forgave the two lovers. In a fit of generosity, he granted Aleramo so much land he had managed to ride across without stopping. The territory that he rode across is now Monferrato, whose name derives from mun (brick) and frà (shoe), ie the bricks used to shoe the horses that Aleramo, as evidence of having traveled across such territories, had thrown behind himself. However, there are several variations of the legend, such as the one according to which Aleramo obtained the territory that he could ride across in three days and three nights, and that the name Monferrato comes from having used a brick (MON) as a hammer, to shoe the horse that had lost a shoe (RES) during the race.

It’s hard to say which one is Aleramo’s true story, and what is legend. For sure, he is one of the most mysterious, fascinating and unknown characters of history. The remains of Aleramo rest today in the parish of Grazzano Badoglio

22 to 26 July: discover the Monferrato by bike with Marco Saligari

Information and reservations: +39 339 8833626 –


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