Training program aimed at La Monsterrato, the granfondo on dirt roads that Bike Comedy proposes 11 october 2015

After the meeting on Sunday at Lu Monferrato and the choice of the tester (we’ll speak about that in the coming days), we start our #training program aimed at the granfondo- randonnée on white roads that Bike Comedy will propose in the summer 2015 (the date and the technical details will be disclosed soon). Here are some training tips that we think will be very useful for those who want to achieve a good athletic condition, without going too far. In this space you will find in the coming days LIVE updates

The program is supervised by Luca Zuccotti, level 3 sporting director and coach for international categories graduated Federciclismo. “We start with a period of 3 weeks dedicated to the general preparation – explains coach Zuccotti -. We are going to restore musculature and joints involved in pedaling and strengthen your posture on the bike. We are going to train in the various stages with exercises divided into different blocks. Recommendation: a medical examination is absolutely compulsory and the participant must be in possession of a certificate of fitness for competitive sport. Are you ready? Here you go.

ATTENTION The training program is reserved exclusively for those who have passed the medical examination certifying fitness for competitive sports, prerequisite inter alia to participate in the granfondo

EQUIPMENT – Here’s what you need to follow the training program (pictured above): fitball (large), discosit, proprioceptive balance board, elastics for pilates, dumbbells without weights (even a broomstick is ok). Finally: rollers for bike with resistance variator, heart rate monitor, bike computer with speed and pedalling meter. Medical examination: fitness for competitive sport certificate is a prerequisite.

ADVICE – This is the training program for the first three weeks of December.

Monday – Rest and stretching

Tuesday and Thursday – Indoors training composed of joint mobility exercises, proprioceptive exercises, functional exercises and rollers. Proceed with this order:
– 5 minutes of joint mobility exercises: slow circular movements of the joints that will be involved in the act of pedaling and in the posture on the saddle, that is, ankle, knees, pelvis, shoulders and wrists
– 10 minutes of proprioceptive exercises. Once the proprioceptive balance board or discosit is positioned, rest your feet in parallel at a distance of 20 centimetre and maintain balance for as many seconds as possible. Alternate the exercise with breaks of maximum 1 minute.
– 10-15 minutes of functional exercises. Perform 10 bendings on the legs: from 90 ° position rise and bend slowly with a movement of 30 °, maintaining balance with the aid of a dumbbell or a stick. Perform 2 sets of 10 push ups, with 2 minutes breaks.
– Do 10 pushups on your arms, keeping your knees resting on the ground. Recover for 2 minutes and then repeat a second time
– With the help of the fitball perform 10 abdominal exercises, leaning on fitball with buttocks and back, knees bent, feet on the floor and hands behind the head at ear. Slow movements, without pulling on your neck with your hands and without swinging: the core of everything is the abdominal area
– 40 minutes of rollers, divided as follows: 10 minutes with 34×15 or 36×17 at 80-85 rpm, 60% of the maximum heart rate (HR) —— 10 minutes with 50×21 or 52×23 at 90 rpm and 60-70% of maximum HR——- 10minutes with 50×19 or 52×21 at 85 rpm and 70-80% of maximum HR——– 10 minutes with 50×21 or 52×23 at 90 rpm, 60-65% of maximum HR
– 10 minutes stretching

Wednesday – Rest or 30 minutes rolls at 80-85 rpm and 60% of your maximum HR

Friday – Rest and stretching

Saturday and / or Sunday – 120 minutes road tour with racing bike or mountain bike, divided as follows:
– 15 minutes heating at 80-85 rpm and 60% of your maximum HR
– 90 minutes on undulating roads, + 4-5 of uphill between 5-8%. 10 minutes of recovery (downhill and flat) between climbs. Indications: uphill proceed at 75-80 rpm without exceeding 75-80% of maximum HR; on flat land do not exceed 60-70% of your maximum HR

Is everything clear? Any doubt? Contact us by email at We will try to answer all your questions

Have fun!