Luca, Ziril e gli altri suoi amici cavalli vi aspettano in Monferrato.

Il saluto di Luca e di Ziril, il suo amico minorchino

Il saluto di Luca e di Ziril, il suo amico minorchino

“Mi chiedete se i cavalli sono intelligenti? Hanno una intelligenza particolare. Forse non sapranno mai ragionare come un cane. Ma nessuno come un cavallo, se trattato bene, prova piacere a dare piacere al proprio cavaliere”.
Luca ed i suoi amici cavalli vi aspettano in Monferrato per splendide passeggiate. O per imparare a montare.
Biciclette, cavalli, moto fuoristrada: sempre in sella con Bike Comedy

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Monferrato Casalese, a land of “sweet”, medieval castles, ancient legends , great wines , truffles and bicycles

Monferrato Casalese, a land of “sweet”, medieval castles, ancient legends , great wines , truffles and bicycles. Lu , a village with only a two-letter name but a rich tradition, is set atop one of the sweetest hills of this territory bounded by rivers Po and Tanaro , surrounded by Barbera and Grignolino vines, the red gold . Bike Comedy Cycling Club is located here.
Outside the farm you are immediately surrounded by a natural training ground which guarantees fun and pleasure to cyclists of all levels. Cuccaro ( village that claims to be the birthplace of Christopher Columbus ) , Fubine , Altavilla , Grazzano Badoglio , Grana, Ottiglio , Frassinelle , Vignale, Lu : pretty villages and rolling hills with gentle slopes that “wink” to the less trained cyclists. But that , if “attacked” , are challenging even for the professional , with slopes close to or in excess of 15%. Country roads , away from traffic , used to make happy both nature enthusiast cyclists and “granfondistas.”

Lu is located at the center of a triangle which is magic and strategic for cycling enthusiasts . On the other side , a few kilometers away , there is Tortona. And a little further uphill Castellania , the village of Fausto Coppi , surrounded by the hills of Tortona where Fausto trained . To compete on the roads of Myth is a fascinating opportunity .

A short transfer by car from Lu finally opens the fantastic scenery of the Ligurian Apennines : the longest and most challenging climbs , with steep, at times brutal slopes that plunge on to the shores of the Sea of the Riviera di Ponente. Streets for all tastes and all needs.

Bike Comedy is meant for cycling but is linked to other sports rooted in the tradition of Monferrato : there are golf fields in the area which can be challenging for all handicaps , those who love hiking and horse riding will find endless routes that take you as far as the Alps. And the near Alpine summits are great gym for novice and experienced climbers

The ideal scenario for Bike Comedy , who lives in the name of sport and wellness and of an original and inseparable combination : cycling & cooking , cycling school and cooking school.
Try us: choose the date, we will think of everything else. Come and see!


… entering the laboratory-workshop of Alberto Masi in the legendary Vigorelli in Milan is like coming home

Alberto Masi all'ingresso della sua officina nel mitico Vigorelli di Milano
Alberto Masi all’ingresso della sua officina nel mitico Vigorelli di Milano
When you enter places like these, you know that there is something different. It’s like entering a temple. I bless the technical progress, materials research: thank goodness they exist. I appreciate titanium, aluminum, carbon: I know the improvements they made possible even for myself. But for someone like me, who for over 50 years, from “Aquiletta” on, has been living with a bike at his side, entering the laboratory-workshop of Alberto Masi in the legendary Vigorelli in Milan is like coming home. The house where you lived youth. And if the Faema frame of Eddy Merckx or the Fuchs with which Fiorenzo Magni won the Giro of ’55 were not enough, the availability of Alberto with those who visit him does the rest. Anyone who loves the bike must visit at least once the workshop of Alberto Masi.

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Monferrato: from the Romans to Barbera, 2 thousand years of history

Lu, who would appear to be cited in papers dating back
to the tenth century, appears with security in an act dated October 3, 1028 ,
when Odda, her  son Oddilo o Guido Lord of Monfalcone donate to the Monastery of
St Peter in Savigliano a tenth of the court of Lu , with the houses , the
sediments and every thing around it, two chapels , one that is in honor of St.
Peter , the other of St. Benedict, with their equipment and appliances, and all
they had in the places of Cuccaro and Mediliano .
Odda was the daughter of
the Marquis of Monferrato Otto , son of Aleramo , Count of Montferrat , Marquis
of the Marca of Western Liguria , a descendant of Theodoric branch of the house
of Kent , who died in 793. Odda dowry to her husband, Otto , of the Visconti of
Auriate , were the assets listed above in the property of the Marquis of
The present village of Lu, on the high hill , was built in the
Middle Ages , when after the Lombard invasion (VI century AD) the population of
the Roman pago of Mediliano entrenched to defend itself , whence the name
derived from the surname Lugus , god of the peaks to which the Celts dedicated
the highest hills
In the plain of Mediliano on the right side of the river
Grana , not far from the church of San Giovanni , the vast area preserves the
remains of the Roman pago; coins of the first century BC were discovered
frequently, remains that still crop up from the turf at each plowing autumn ,
tiles , tombs, cinerary urns , amphorae . Roman  walls and artefacts are

( Taken from Monferrato between Po and Tanaro , Aldo Ricaldone , Libraria editions – L. Fornaca and Gribaudo )